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Cindy Hunter | 07/25/14

Specialized dentistry will include licensed practitioners for retainers, braces, and other oral surgical procedures.

Elizabeth Karoll | 07/23/14

These appropriate measures call for brushing your teeth at least 3 times a day, flossing whenever you get the chance, mostly recommended after eating meals or any sort of food, and mouthwash.

Gina Yee | 07/22/14

Because research shows a strong link between healthy gums and a healthy heart, it is very important to take good care of your gums.

Camille Lear | 07/21/14

Inserting and removal of the prosthesis requires a little practice.

Darlene Moore | 07/20/14

A bit of salt with some citrus juice, preferably lemon, can help to make your smile wonderful again.

Gail Reese | 07/20/14

Veneers, crowns or orthodontics may be used to treat the teeth or close spaces.

Donna Epes | 07/20/14

The most common problems and potentially harmful to gingivitis and periodontitis oral health, are a severe form of gum disease in the gums and bones, damaged teeth and the result of strong teeth and bone loss.

Chris Dreyer | 07/19/14

It is therefore important to consult your dentist to determine the exact problem.

Elizabeth Grant | 07/19/14

Patients who are afraid of most types of dental treatment, and often avoid the dentist should look into oral sedation.

Candace Pavlas | 07/17/14

An endodontist is responsible for helping keep the gum and bone healthy.

Amani Grow | 07/16/14

Commercial bleaching solutions can be expensive and they can be particularly hard on sensitive teeth.

Elizabeth Halvorson | 07/15/14

Studies have shown that periodontal disease can lead to inflammation that has the potential to affect whether or not you develop preeclampsia.

Doris Devosjoli | 07/13/14

Invisalign is the newest technology in cosmetic dentistry.

Courtney Davis | 07/13/14

It is very important to get gingivitis under control very fast.

Amy Giebel | 07/13/14

Pregnancy can deplete your body of important nutrients such as calcium, that keep teeth strong, thus making cavities and other dental problems more common.

Candy Graham | 07/13/14

Your dentist will take an impression of your tooth and then design a crown using that impression.

Deborah Rose | 07/12/14

Your cosmetic dentist will make your bridge out of the best material for your particular situation.

Elizabeth Brookes | 07/10/14

There are many solutions to fix crooked teeth these days that were not available years ago.

Elizabeth Norkus | 07/08/14

Cracked teeth can cause damage to your tooth pulp.

Beth Resko | 07/07/14

Just about anyone can have a dental implant done in their jaw. One of the simplest things that you can do in order to maintain pearly white, healthy teeth is to have a healthy lifestyle.

Deirdre Hill | 07/05/14

Gum disease is also called gingivitis and it is easy to fix in the initial phases.

Brent Funderburk | 07/04/14

If you suffer with cancer of the blood or have a vitamin c deficiency, chances are your gums bleed often.

Bill Zdziarski | 07/02/14

Some common causes include Odorous foods, foods high in protein and even coffee can cause chronic halitosis. People who smoke or wear dentures do not correspond with an increased risk of thrush.

Fred Chang | 06/30/14

Endodontists are also known as pulp specialists.

Elizabeth Thornhill | 06/30/14

The procedure is often the basis for improved performance and aesthetics in a variety of medical dental situations.

Amy Wheeler | 06/29/14

Brush your teeth as soon as possible after drinking fresh fruit juice. If you have tooth decay, you could have problems in all different parts of your body.

David Giovannini | 06/27/14

Certified dental practitioners proficient in the latest medical and cosmetic dental technologies should be sought for the best dental care possible. Potassium hydroxide has been found to naturally whiten the teeth and remove stains.

Edith Harper | 06/27/14

Wisdom teeth usually cause problems when you are a teenager.

Anita Gurney | 06/26/14

If you want to immediately improve your smile, cosmetic dentistry may be the choice.

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